Gamma Knife of Spokane

Precision radiosurgery using radiation to destroy brain tumors or block transmission of pain and tremors.

The Gamma Knife of Spokane serves patients and physicians of Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Western Canada. It is the 'gold standard' for precision radiosurgery for brain tumors (metastatic tumors, gliomas, meningiomas, acoustic neuromas) and AVM's (arteriovenous malformations). GK Spokane also treats functional disorders including trigeminal neuralgia, cluster headaches and cancer-related pain, and movement disorders such as essential tremor and Parkinsonian tremor.

This non-invasive brain surgery tool isn't a knife at all - it uses precisely guided radiation to destroy tumors or block transmission of pain and tremors. Unlike other forms of radiation delivery, it has a fixed focal point and moves the head with computer-aided precision, thereby delivering sub-millimeter accuracy (.3 to .5 mm) for each isocenter. This spares healthy tissue while delivering a precise dose of radiation to the target.

What We Treat

The Gamma Knife of Spokane treats the following items, usually delivered in a precise, single-dose treatment of radiation.

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The Center

The Gamma Knife of Spokane is located on the first floor of the Deaconess Health and Education Center. Our address is 910 West Fifth Ave., Spokane, WA. More about the center »

What is Gamma Knife?

The Team

We realize that a good physician doesn't refer a patient to a program but rather to another physician or team. We are quite proud of the unique team of physicians and care givers we provide at GK Spokane. From the moment you or your patient calls in, we will ensure that your needs are met in a timely and proficient manner.

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