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Gamma Knife

is a state of the art, one-time radiation treatment that focuses directly on the brain tumor

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"Safe, effective, and patients love the one-day experience"

Leaves Healthy Tissue Intact. Precision targeting delivering overwhelming dose to tumor.

  • Why gamma knife Spokane?
  • Dedicated Gamma Knife Neurosurgeon
  • Top 20 in world for clinical research
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Why Gamma Knife Spokane?

Caring with precision

Treating brain tumors and other conditions in the brain requires absolute precision, because every bit of healthy tissue helps make you who you are. And nothing provides more precision than Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery, especially in the hands of a caring, superbly skilled and experienced team of neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists.

In fact, Gamma Knife of Spokane ranks in the top 10 Gamma Knife Centers in the U.S. for published clinical research and patient volumes.

It's YOUR brain. Call us at 1.800.927.5051 and we can help you determine whether Gamma Knife treatment is a helpful option for you.

Let us help you get on with living.

Dedicated Gamma Knife Neurosurgeon

Gamma Knife Spokane full time staff includes Dr Alexander R. MacKay, one of the most highly regarded Neurological Surgeons in the country in the field of Stereotactic radiosurgery.

Top 20 in world for clinical research

Our collaborative research team of neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, neuro-otologists, and medical physicists consistently modify and implement our unique database enabling our research team to longitudinally study patient outcomes.

Top 20 Power Publisher

Gamma Knife Spokane is among the top 20 publishers of clinical research on Gamma Knife treatment and outcomes in the United States.

The Gamma Knife is a sophisticated treatment system exclusively for treating skull-based tumors, malformations, disorders and pain using gamma radiation delivered in a single-dose treatment of radiation. While it is best known for treatment of brain tumors, whether the tumor is a primary tumor (glioma, astrocytoma, meningioma) or secondary tumor (brain metastases - tumors that have their origin from cancer from another part of the body), the Gamma Knife is extremely effective for a number of conditions (see above).

Gamma Knife radiosurgery, which has treated nearly half a million people worldwide, can be used in conjunction with whole brain radiation therapy with excellent results. It can also be used with conventional surgery as a treatment for tumors that cannot be totally removed or, in some cases, where the tumor is inoperable or has grown back after surgery.


Advantages vs. Neuro Surgery and Cyberknife

Gamma Knife is not a knife

A Gamma Knife is not a knife at all. There is no incision in the scalp or opening of the skull. The Gamma Knife, known as the "gold standard" of brain stereotactic radiosurgery, uses precisely guided radiation to deliver unmatched outcomes

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protecting healthy brain tissue

Unlike other forms of radiation, which are aimed at a larger area or the entire brain, the Gamma Knife focuses treatment on the exact location of the tumor or abnormality, which is painstakingly mapped using computer imaging ir

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Each of the 192 individual beams of radiation is of relatively low intensity, so the radiation has little effect on the healthy brain tissue it is moving through. However, when focused together from many different angles and concentrated

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I'm home and doing so well, no one can believe it. Thank you all for your care and especially your kindness. In all these years fighting cancer it is people like you that make each new bump in the road less jarring and more bearable. I wish you all the best and hope I never see you again unless it's on a trail in Glacier National Park!

I want to thank all of you and for all your great care. Everyone has been asking what the Gamma Knife is like. I hope they never have to experience the treatment but it is a miracle.

I wanted to let all of you know that my family and I appreciated the wonderful care on my 'day' at the gamma knife center. Your kindness and the pleasant attitude made it much easier to deal with it all. Thanks for the pictures - my kids loved them! Mom is a space alien!

Your thoughtfulness, professionalism, caring and gentle ways took this terrified person through the procedure with success! I appreciate what you've done and who you are. Thank You! God Bless.

Gamma Knife of Spokane has been treating patients from Eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Western Canada since 2002.


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