Any radiation can kill a tumor.  It’s what you don’t hit while delivering that radiation that makes all the difference. The goal of radiation to a target in the brain is to eliminate the tumor or alter the malformation or alleviate pain while not damaging healthy brain tissue.

Healthy brain tissue is what makes ‘you’ – ‘you’.

For targets in the brain – whether it’s a metastatic tumor, primary tumor, acoustic neuroma, trigeminal neuralgia or essential tremor – nothing is more accurate than the Gamma Knife. Period. And no center in the Northwest has more experience or treats more patients than the Gamma Knife of Spokane.

No Gamma Knife center West of the Mississippi has published more clinical research than the Gamma Knife of Spokane. So many articles that four times we’ve been asked by other researchers to contribute a book chapter for text books on radiation oncology.

So, why Gamma Knife? 

  • Precision delivery of radiation.
  • The cyberknife delivers more than 3 times more radiation to healthy brain tissue and 250 times more to your body than does the Gamma Knife. 

Why Gamma Knife of Spokane? 

  • No other Gamma Knife center in the region has more experience.



It’s not only a better treatment, a more accurate treatment, but it’s faster.
— Lisa Maestas, DO - radiation oncologist
It is the most accurate treatment for brain tumors.
— Christopher Lee, MD - radiation oncologist
The Gamma Knife Icon is able to spare healthy brain tissue better than any other radiation machine.
— Alexander MaKay, MD - neurosurgeon
You can avoid some of the long-term effects of radiating healthy tissue by using the Gamma Knife.
— Christopher Heller, MD - neurosurgeon
Our goal here is to maintain or improve quality of life for our patients this machine does that better than any other machine out there.
— John Demakas, MD - neurosurgeon