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Teleradiation Program

Your new tool is here!

Now you have the opportunity to treat your patients with a dedicated radiosurgery machine that is proven to be very, very effective in controlling tumor growth, increasing life expectancy and improving quality of life.

As a radiation oncologist we know you have a strong desire to provide your patients with the best care possible. You also, rightfully, want to be at the controls of that treatment. Now you can.

LINAC Plan - 50% isodose line

LINAC plan - yellow is 50% isodose line

Gamma Plan - 50% isodose line

Gamma Plan - yellow is 50% isodose line

Gamma Knife of Spokane has a state-of-the-art software/hardware/network solution that connects you directly to the Gamma Knife planning computer. This gives you access to prescribe the radiation dose for your patient from anywhere you can access the Internet. So you treat your patient, in conjunction with the on-site neurosurgeon, and bill your own professional fees.

Gamma Knife of Spokane takes care of it all - you simply complete the credentialing good standing from your accredited hospital) and complete the training course conducted at the University of Pittsburgh or Cleveland Clinic. Our on-site radiation oncologists proctor your first six cases and then you are on your own to use the Gamma Knife as you see fit.

The process is easy

  • Your patient's information is sent to the nurse coordinator at GK Spokane who schedules an appointment with the neurosurgeon.
  • If the patient is an appropriate candidate, they are scheduled for the procedure and we coordinate with you for the time frame which best suits your schedule for contact.
  • On the day of treatment, you are phoned, you get online and log into the connection.
  • On your screen you see the exact screen the planning neurosurgeon is using.
  • You assess the critical structures, check the dose plan, and make any changes you deem necessary.
  • If you have radiation questions, we have on-site radiation oncology physicians who can assist you.
  • Once you approve the plan, we fax you a signature page and the treatment plan.
  • You sign and fax it back to us and we treat the patient.
  • You file the treatment plan and the operative notes that are emailed to you in the patient's file.
  • Then you bill your professional fees.
Sample Gamma Knife screen shot

Sample Gamma Knife screen shot

Now you have access to one of the most precise, state-of-the-art, dedicated radiosurgery machines in the world - all with just a click of the mouse. Teleradiation is at your fingertips.

We thank you, but your patients will surely thank you!


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