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Clinical Outcomes of
Gamma Knife Treatment

Below are some of the cases we've treated and the results of those procedures. In June of 2002 we started with our first patients and were quite conservative in our approach. Based upon positive outcomes and seeing the resulting quality of life improvements for some very sick patients, our team has steadily, although within the confines of good medicine, increased the application of gamma knife technology. The focus is always on what is best for the patient - what will provide this patient with an extended life span and a better quality of life.

Metastatic Brain Tumors

Single Lung Met

This is a Single Lung Metastasis showing results 4 months after treatment.

Day of treatment
4 Months Later

Single Met

This is a Single Metastasis showing results 3 months following treatment.

Day of treatment
3 Months Later

Breast Met

This is a Breast Metastasis showing results 2 months following treatment.

Day of treatment
2 Months Later

Single Brain Met

This is a Single Brain Metastasis showing results 7 weeks following treatment.

Day of treatment
7 Weeks Later

Acoustic Neuroma Outcomes

Day of treatment

2 years after treatment

6 years after treatment

Acoustic Neuroma Over 6 Years

Images showing progressive improvement of an acoustic neuroma over a period of 6 years following Gamma Knife treatment.

Tentorial Meningioma Outcomes

Day of treatment

After 7 months

Tentorial Meningioma 7 Months After Treatment

The tumor was reduced from 25mm at the time of procedure to 18 mm at 7 months after the procedure.

Arteriovenous Malformation Outcomes

Day of treatment

Day of treatment

3 years after treatment

3 years after treatment

Arteriovenous Malformation over 6 Years

This is an Arterio Venous Malformation that shows significant reduction over a three year period of time.

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Gamma Knife: The best solution

Caring with precision

Treating brain tumors and other conditions in the brain requires absolute precision, because every bit of healthy tissue helps make you who you are. And nothing provides more precision than Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery, especially in the hands of a caring, superbly skilled and experienced team of neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists.

In fact, Gamma Knife of Spokane ranks in the top 10 Gamma Knife Centers in the U.S. for published clinical research and patient volumes.

It's YOUR brain. Call us at 1.800.927.5051 and we can help you determine whether Gamma Knife treatment is a helpful option for you.

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