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Arteriovenous Malformation

Why Gamma Knife treatment

The Gamma Knife produces over 200 precise beams of low-dose radiation that all focus and intersect directly on the tumor, killing the tumor, yet keeping normal healthy brain tissue safe.

The head is fixed in a frame that keeps the brain stable and secure, setting up a GPS-like coordinate system that allows the doctors to target the tumor with sub-millimeter precision. The surgeon numbs up the areas where the frame is placed (much like a dentist numbs the gums) so there is little discomfort. Other treatments that do not use a head frame simply are not as accurate, and therefore more normal brain tissue is at risk.

Also, unlike other forms of treatment, it will only take us one day to treat these tumors and get patients back to their medical oncologist.

For this reason, we recommend that lung cancer patients have an MRI of their brain immediately upon diagnosis, before beginning chemotherapy. It is possible to have metastatic brain tumors without having symptoms. Gamma Knife of Spokane can treat these brain tumors and systemic treatment of the lung cancer can start as soon as the next day. However, once chemotherapy has begun, Gamma Knife treatment must wait.

Why Gamma Knife of Spokane

You are in good hands at Gamma Knife of Spokane. As one of the top 10 Gamma Knife treatment centers in the country for the number of patients treated, no one in the region has more experience in treating brain tumors. No one. Over 60% of the patients we have treated at Gamma Knife of Spokane have come to us with brain metastases.

With Gamma Knife of Spokane, patients have access to a $5 million, 45,000 pound cancer-killing machine that can, in a few hours, deliver a dose of radiation that can stop the growth of most tumors or even eliminate tumors altogether.

In addition to our experience of over a decade treating patients, we have one of the most prolific clinical research departments in the country (7th of 130 centers). We are frequently asked to write book chapters for oncology textbooks. The national medical community considers us experts in the field of brain tumor research and treatment.

Clinical Outcomes of Gamma Knife Treatment

When veins and arteries connect directly rather than through capillaries, the body is susceptible to rupture, causing severe bleeding, headaches or seizures. While the most effective way to eliminate these malformations is by 'surgical clipping', often patients opt for a less invasive method of control. The radiation from the Gamma Knife causes the lining of the blood vessel at the target to thicken over time, creating a blockage that, over time, reduces the chance of rupture.

Day of treatment

Day of treatment

3 years after treatment

3 years after treatment

Arteriovenous Malformation over 6 Years

This is an Arterio Venous Malformation that shows significant reduction over a three year period of time.

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Gamma Knife: The best solution

Caring with precision

Treating brain tumors and other conditions in the brain requires absolute precision, because every bit of healthy tissue helps make you who you are. And nothing provides more precision than Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery, especially in the hands of a caring, superbly skilled and experienced team of neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists.

In fact, Gamma Knife of Spokane ranks in the top 10 Gamma Knife Centers in the U.S. for published clinical research and patient volumes.

It's YOUR brain. Call us at 1.800.927.5051 and we can help you determine whether Gamma Knife treatment is a helpful option for you.

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