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Physicians refer their patients to other physicians that they trust and that have great reputations. What makes them even better? - An excellent team behind them; a strong program.

The physician team has grown over the years as the reputation and outcomes from Gamma Knife of Spokane have become more well-known and widely published. We are fortunate to have five neurosurgeons, one neurotologist and nine radiation oncologists who regularly treat patients at our center.

Our physician team is made up of the following:

Alexander MacKay, MD
John Demakas, MD
Chris Heller, MD
Jonathan Carlson, MD
Benjamin Ling, MD

Neuro-Otologist (ENT)
Neil Giddings, MD
Radiation Oncologists
Robert Fairbanks, MD
Wayne Lamoreaux, MD
Christopher Lee, MD
Jason Call, MD
Aaron Wagner, MD
Gary VanHeuvelen, MD
Lisa Maestas, DO
Don Stillie, DO
Jeff Stephenson, MD
Medical Physics
Lawrence Vorndran, MS
Nigel Orton, PhD
Ray Luse, MS

Jill Adams, RN
Colleen Miller, RN
Eric Reynolds, CNA and Scheduling

If you are referring for the first time, know that your patient is in good hands. Our nursing staff has been with us for 12 years and will show compassion and extend the highest level of care to your patient. Our surgeons and radiation oncologists work together on the treatment planning and dose prescription for the highly-focused radiation targeting. All physicians involved assure that the normal brain tissues are optimally spared. This is a team approach.

It is this interdisciplinary team that makes this remarkable technology work so effectively for patients and provides you with the assurance that your patient is being treated well.

Have your team give us a call or call any of our physicians directly.

We are here to be an extension of your practice. The patient comes back to you to continue any other treatment. We are honored that you would trust us with your patient.

The Gamma Knife of Spokane treatment center is located on the first floor of the Deaconess Health and Education Center.

Phone: 509.473.3800
Fax: 509.473.2224

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