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Clinical Research Program

The Gamma Knife of Spokane Clinical Research Program is a collaborative research approach between neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, neuro-otologists, and medical physicists. This group places research emphasis on investigating the clinical outcomes of patients who undergo Gamma Knife Radiosurgery as a treatment for benign and malignant conditions of the brain and head and neck regions. We feel that progress in radiosurgical techniques requires a unique blend of clinical specialties to fully understand treatment challenges and options for improving patient outcomes.

This collaborative group has access to shared hospital resources, as well as to a mature clinical database of patients treated for over 1000 separate cancers or benign conditions over the last decade with Gamma Knife Radiosurgery by our treatment machine here in Spokane, WA.

Dr. Alexander Mackay (co-investigator) had the foresight at the beginning of this collaboration to carefully construct and consistently modify and implement our unique database from which we are able to longitudinally study patient outcomes.

Our Clinical Investigators

We feel that progress in medicine is dependent on the combined effort of caregivers from multiple unique specialties. Our research co-investigators include:

  • Christopher M. Lee, MD Radiation Oncology and Research Program Director (bio)
  • Alexander R. Mackay, MD Neurological Surgery (bio)
  • Wayne T. Lamoreaux, MD Radiation Oncology (bio)
  • John J. Demakas, MD Neurological Surgery (bio)
  • Robert K. Fairbanks, MD Radiation Oncology (bio)
  • Neil A. Giddings, MD Neuro-otology (bio)
  • Jason Call, MD Radiation Oncologist (bio)
  • Aaron Wagner, MD Radiation Oncologist (bio)
  • Barton S. Cooke, BA Operations Director (bio)
Medical and Undergraduate Student Research Fellowships

The Gamma Knife of Spokane Summer Research Fellowship for medical or undergraduate students is a summer program available to qualified students with an interest in clinical research.

Past and Current Student Research Fellowships:

  • 2009 - Benjamin J. Arthurs and Ameer L. Elaimy
  • 2010 - Ameer L. Elaimy
  • 2011 - Ameer L. Elaimy, Sudheer R. Thumma and Peter W. Hanson
  • 2012 - Andrew Lamm
  • 2013 - Erik Larson, BS, and Halloran Peterson

If you would like more information about our Student Research Fellowship program, call 1.800.927.5051.

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Other Clinical Research

Nearly three decades of clinical research exists on the efficacy of Gamma Knife treatment.

The North American Gamma Knife Consortium (NAGKC), formed in 2010, is a non-profit scientific, educational, and research entity consisting academic and clinical centers of excellence where brain Stereotactic Radiosurgery is performed using the Leksell Gamma Knife. All participating centers have a track record of outcomes research and participation in clinical trials.

The primary goal of NAGKC is to facilitate retrospective and prospective clinical trials and outcomes analysis that evaluate the role of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery in a wide spectrum of clinical indications.

A list of key clinical research studies, below, represents industry-wide outcomes. You can click HERE to view the NAGKC website.

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